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Welcome to my website! I photograph real people doing real things. I prefer documentary style! Weddings, Events, Family portraits, Modeling sessions, Boudoir, Head-shots ect.

I prefer, but not limited to, candid “in the moment” photography. I love natural light and natural moments most; but I am no stranger to posing and staging when necessary!

I started Silk Thread Image in the hopes to provide beautiful, powerful and emotional imagery while remaining unnoticed and out of the way throughout the day! These unforgettable moments are as delicate as a silk thread and I believe it’s my job to capture them in all there wholeness while remaining anonymous.

Abigail Dannielle Pace

“My goal is to keep my photography as pure as possible as to not to interfere with the special memories while also capturing them in a beautiful candid manor. I love Wabi-sabi style.”


Wabi-sabi is a concept that motions us to constantly search for the beauty in imperfection and accept the more natural cycle of life. It reminds us that all things including us and life itself, are impermanent, incomplete, and imperfect. Perfection, then, is impossible and impermanence is the only way.

Taken individually, wabi and sabi are two separate concepts:

Wabi is about recognizing beauty in humble simplicity. It invites us to open our heart and detach from the vanity of materialism so we can experience spiritual richness instead.

Sabi is concerned with the passage of time, the way all things grow, age, and decay, and how it manifests itself beautifully in objects. It suggests that beauty is hidden beneath the surface of what we actually see, even in what we initially perceive as broken.

Together, these two concepts create an overarching philosophy for approaching life: Accept what is, stay in the present moment, and appreciate the simple, transient stages of life.

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